tisdag 11 november 2014

Think new when it comes to product development

Competition is increasing constantly. It's getting harder and
harder to develop products that will be long -lasting on the
market. New times demand new thinking. Most companies
have procedures for their actions and it is of course also for
product development. The responsibility is also given where
different departments are responsible for their part of the
organization. Sometimes they work together but it is not
always granted. When to launch products liability marketing
in general for the original idea . Then there is the
development department's mission to develop a suitable
product to the idea. It has often been done any kind of
market research or study to get confirmation that the idea is
good and can work. Some companies dedicate themselves to
copy competitors that have succeeded with a product launch.
When a market is getting developed, it takes new incentives
for the success of their product . Investigations by all means
but too few companies listen to consumers ie. those whom it
expects to buy the product it develops. A new approach to
product development is to involve consumers in the
development process. Then you can produce exciting ideas
from the intended target group that they themselves have
helped to develop . To arrange workshops can generate many

new and great ideas for the future.

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  1. So true: "To arrange workshops can generate many
    new and good ideas for the future". Working with different scenarios in these workshops can provide additional important information. If you add to that future conditions for the community to stay within nature's limits, your workshops get extremely rewarding.